Fastest way to open a favorite folder and go to end of list?


To introduce the question :
I use a special folder which is a temporary folder with lots of things from download, file ou video to watch and sort, notes, shortlink to many thing, etc. Right now it's about 350 files and 25 folder it's a big list.
This folder is sorted in a special way : 1st i see all folder sorted by names, then i see files sorted by dates from older to more recent.
This way i always go to the end and i see last modified files (the last downloaded ones for example), it's very useful.

What I'm experiencing is that I do always the same type of action and i would like to make it faster :

  • going to my favorite folder (it's a folder in my favorites)
  • going to the end of list by pressing 'End' key or 'Page Down key' many times (so that i can see last modified files

I would like to be able to have a simple shortcut that opens up my favorite folder and goes directly to the last file (selecting it, as i am in 'Details view')

I've tried to use these two commands :

GO /tmp
Select Last

But the 2nd command is very slow compared to using just 'End' key manually.

Also to notice, I have many colored labels depending on patterns so it could also slow it down (but it's not slowing down when using 'End' key...)

I know i can also use a script to sendkey 'End' and simulate my action but i find this a bit tricky...

Maybe there is a a better way ?

And if not, maybe that could be an idea to add a command option like a 'Go Last' or a command that have same behavior as 'End' or 'Home' keys, asking the lister go to the End ?


This seems to work:

Go /tmp
Select LAST

yes it's great !

(a bit strange that with 'select SHOWFOCUS' it is fastest than without, but i'll take it :smile:

thanks Leo !

In the next update, we're adding a nicer way to do the selection/jump to the end of the list with a single command.

Select LAST MAKEVISIBLE=immediate
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