Favorite Documents

How to enter a document (any extension) in the favorites menu?

Favorites themselves are meant for folders. But if you want quick access to a particular file, you can go into Customize mode (Settings > Customize Toolbars) and then drag & drop the file into the menus where you want it, then click OK to save the changes.

Many thanks. I am seriously evaluating Doc Opus and find it wonderful. I find the large number of tabs in the Preferences daunting and would appreciate your help in the following cases:

  1. I followed your directions and created a MENU toolbar. I dragged and dropped 2 documents to the MENU and could only do that with 2 documents. Any 3rd one I drag does not drop on the menu.
  2. I have two monitors. Windows starts with Monitor 1 and I open my explorer in Monitor 2. Both XYPlorer and Windows Explorer remember their monitor after shutting them down. With Doc Opus, it always gets launched on Monitor 1 all the time. Is there a way to make it remember the last monitor it was shutdown from?
  3. How do I get Doc Opus to open several tabs in the same Lister view? I do not mean another session of DO, just a few TABs in the same session. This is a capture from XYPlorer, where the tabs look a little bit like Browser tabs (Including the + option)


Many thanks for your help.

Hi again
I just resolved the Monitor isse (no 2 above) by going to PREFERENCES / LAUNCHING OPUS, etc.

  1. Is it particular to the third thing you are dragging? There's probably something unusual about the shortcut that means it can't be turned into a toolbar button, if other things can be dragged. Unless you tried to drag without being in Customize mode first.

  2. Answered by you above.

  3. Opus has the same new tab button at the end of the tab strip, unless you have turned off the button or tab strip. Ctrl+T also opens a new tab by default, and you can open new tabs in numerous other ways (e.g. alt or ctrl while double-clicking folders). If you need help opening tabs in a specifc way, let us know what you want.

  4. Please Ask one question per thread and it's best to describe what you want rather than mention another program, as we don't always know how the other programs work in detail.