Favorites always visible

Hi guys,

I am new to dopus and love the customizability of it. I have a question about a small thing that is bugging me and I dont know how to solve it.

I want my 'favorites' folders to be always visible. I have it activated in the folder tree, but everytime i navigate somewhere, the folder tree will also move/scroll down to navigate to the folder. Now I don't see my favorites anymore! This is not desirable. Now, if I want to use my favorites, I have to go to the folder tree and scroll up again to see my favorites. I know it is a small thing, but doing this over and over can be annoying.

Does somebody know of any way to keep the favorites visible at all times? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You could add them to a toolbar and place it on the side of the window.

The favorites list is in the default Favorites menu (next to the path field), so you could copy and paste it to another place at the top level of your toolbars while in Settings > Customize mode.

This is a great solution! I tried it and I stumble upon another small issue. Can I determine how the favorites toolbar displays the list? Some folders have quite a long path and it wants to show it entirely, making the toolbar very wide. I rather have it so that the path is cut off when this is too long and that I am somehow able to determine the width of the toolbar myself. Is something like this possible?

You can edit the names of favorites in Preferences. They don't have to be the full path, or any part of the real name/path if you don't want them to be.