Favorites and jump list items

Is it possible to have Opus display the items in the Smart Favorites and Recent Items list (and consequently in the corresponding jump lists) in short form? Windows Explorer does this, so a path like "C:\Users\Username\Documents\SomeFolder" would be shown as just "SomeFolder", whereas Opus shows the whole path, which makes those jump lists, in particular, not very useful, since they show lists of items that all have the same beginning of the path name. Can this behavior be changed?

I don't know about Smart Favorites (they're turned off here), but if I add Recent Items to the jumplist, they already show just the names and not the full paths.

Hmm, that's interesting. I don't have that. Most of the items in my "Recent list" show full pathnames. Strangely enough, a few of them do show just the folder name itself, but I can't make any rhyme nor reason for this. Is there something I am missing here?

Beats me. Are you sure all those items are coming from the recent list and not somewhere else?

I played around some more with this; it turns out there is a system to this: If I visit any folder on my C:, D:, or E: drive, I only see the folder name in the recent list. However, anything I visit on my F: drive, I get the full path name. Of course, all of my personal files are on the F: drive...

What's special about the F: drive?

Yeah, that's the question.

I found one difference: All of the folders that display the long path names are in F:\UserData\UserName, and that folder (and everything below) has restricted security permissions: Only SYSTEM, Administrators, and UserName have any permissions for these folders, and they all get Full Control. However, F:\UserData and above also give Modify permissions to Authenticated Users, Read permissions to Users, and Full Control to CREATOR/OWNER.

I tried, and if I create folders in UserData (which inherit its permissions), then Opus records just the folder names in the Recent list. Really weird.

I think I found an important feature of those folders that get added by their full pathname now: There are some folders underneath F:\UserData[i]UserName[/i] that are listed with just their names. However, all of the "My X" folders, where "X" is "Documents", "Music", "Pictures", "Videos", and everything underneath those gets listed with the full pathname. The difference is that the "My X" folder names are just the names of the shell object. The real folder names of these four folders are simply F:\UserData[i]UserName[/i][i]X[/i]. What is also interesting that if I mouse over the names of these folders in the jump list, I get a tooltip that has both the actual filesystem names and the shell names in it.

I am almost certain that this is a bug in Opus. Can Anybody confirm this?

Final piece of information on this:

The issue gets resolved when I uncheck "Display localized folder names" in Preferences->Folder Display. In this case Opus displays the real filesystem names of the folders (except for "My Documents" in the Tree View only, that looks like another glitch), and in the Recents and Smart Favorites the only the folder names get listed.

Looks definitely like a bug to me.

So is it the localised names setting, the folder permissions, or both?

Seeing My Documents in the tree probably isn't a glitch, but let's stick to solving one thing at a time.

Yes, the folder permissions seem to have nothing to do with this. Changing permissions did not affect this issue, and neither did running Opus as the Administrator. It looks like it's the localized name settings that's causing the problem.

Bump. Any news on this? Mind you, I am not expecting you to have solved this, I'd just like to know if this is a bug, or if I am missing something. Thanks!

Seems to be a bug, yes.

Alright, thanks!