Favorites Bar bug?

I customize my toolbars and I select from the Defaults Toolbars the Favorites Bar button

I drag and drop it in my toolbar and the placeholder is created correctly

The problem is when I drug a folder on the placeholder shortcut is not created.

If I use the default Favorites bar is working fine but I don't want another toolbar.

Is thit a bug?

Looking forward for the release date!!!


I think you need to drag it next to the placeholder (a bit difficult if there's an adjacent button).

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Thank you for the reply....
It is not working....
I tried every pixel!


From a quick look, it seems the placeholder won't accept drops unless it's the first thing on the toolbar.

Once at least one item is added, it then works for me. So you could work around it by moving it temporarily to add the first item.

We'll get that fixed, of course!


Yes I confirm that is working fine when it its first item.

Although I will wait for the fix to use it!

I noticed that it is not working when empty! If I add an item then when I move it to preferred location is working!

Thank you all!


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Fixed in the next beta.