Favorites - Edit box does not show the items in favorites list (not smart favorites)

I have several favorites that I was using for a project. When I attempt to edit them to remove them, they do not show up in the favorites list for editing or removal, but still appear in the Folder Tree.

These are manual favorites, not smart favorites, and I've already turned off smart favorites.

Is there a way to clear the old ones out and start fresh?

Could you post a screenshot of the favorites in the tree, and the favorites list in Preferences, so we can see exactly what you're sering?

Thank you.

What happens if turn off Favorites under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents?

What about when you turn off Smart Favorites in the same place?

Leo - somehow, during this sequence of events, the problem went away.

However, to answer your question - I turned off Favorites, and it disappeared from the tree. I turned it back on, and the items disappeared.

Smart Favorites was already turned off. I turned Smart Favorites on, and those items appeared, so that explains why they weren't showing up in Edit Favorites.

I think the config file (registry?) may have had bad info; and toggling it off /on again overwrote the setting to turn off Smart Favorites.

This is now 'resolved' as the problem doesn't exist any longer.


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