Favorites groups

is there any plan to implement something similar to OneCommanderV3 "groups"? i find DOpus favorites to be inferior to that grouping system.

i have been using DOpus for years , and it has features and customization unmacthed by any other file explorer that i used , but OneCommanderV3 "Groups" is a really good enhancer of the users "quality of life".

Please describe the feature you want. We haven't used that program, and the screenshot isn't enough to understand what you're asking for.

It's better to describe what you want than say "like in x program" as we probably haven't used it, and even if we had, we may assume you want different aspects of the feature than the ones you actually want us to focus on.

The screenshot doesn't seem to mention groups at all (unless I'm missing something) so this looks more like an advert than a feature request. :slight_smile:

sorry, i will remove that screenshot and edit the post. in this reply , i will be more detailed and organized:

  • each group is illustrated as an independent pane
  • each pane supports adding a custom title
  • simple add/remove/rename for each item (directory) in a group
  • each folder/item in the pane can be set to show either : alias / actual name / actual name in bold but prepended by its directory

in DOpus , Favorites menu is so unintuitive for me , that i resorted to replacing it with buttons (large icons) and dropdown menus. but i find Groups to be much simpler and faster.

Favorites in Opus already support grouping them into sub-categories / branches:

So do you just want those categories to be displayed flat (all expanded at once) on the menu/toolbar, with labels between each one?

(You could already do that, but would have to manually set up each category on the toolbar. We could make that easier if it's what you want.)

i suppose im requesting a favorites design that is larger-sized and more intuitive and modern.

i would like it to be addable to the left sidebar , very similar to my screenshot.

You'll have to be more specific than that.

You can already select a branch when adding a new favorite.