Favorites Icons

I know there is a way to show folder icons in the Favorites menu that have been set in Windows XP via that folder's desktop.ini file. Is there any way to customize Directory Opus' favorites icons via DOpus itself without using Windows built-in method? If there isn't a way, would it be possible to request such a feature for a future version? I've searched the forums and couldn't find an answer, so my apologies if this has already been asked and answered.

Why don't you want to use the desktop.ini method? There is a UI for it in the Properties dialog for folders so you don't have to edit the files manually, and desktop.ini files can be hidden in Opus via a global filter even if you want to show other system/hidden files.

I have created the icons using the Properties dialogs and hidden the desktop.ini files with Opus. The issue is that other tools I use (including explorer.exe) show the desktop.ini files and they get in the way. Another example of this is Microplanet Gravity Image Gallery. Opus lets me customize icons for everything else and I think the favorites menu would be a nice addition. Due to the vast array of customization this file explorer offers, I thought I was just missing this option in Opus. Any consideration of adding this feature would be greatly appreciated! This is by far the best file manager out there by far and my only regret is that I have been so late to the party. :thumbsup:

Considering that you are now using Dopus and can globally hide desktop.ini files. You can turn the option back on to "Hide protected operating system files" in Explorers Folder Options -> View tab. I would think this would hide it in other programs as well. No?

No, that did not work. I also restored the "Do not show hidden files and folders" option without success. Microplanet Gravity Image Gallery still shows the desktop.ini file. Because customizing the favorites icons isn't currently available in Opus, let's just consider this a feature request. I'm not really looking for a work-around, but thanks for the suggestion; I do appreciate it.

You can always create "favorites" buttons manually using the Go command and assign them any icon you like.

Sweet! You are the Opus! Thanks for the idea, you've made my day and that's what I'll do. Awesome program, by the way!