Favorites in My Computer

I'm trying to switch from Magellan to Dopus.
One feature I'm missing is being able to display any Favorites and FTP in My Computer, any way to do this with Dopus?



Try this:


I think it adds to the Desktop rather than My Computer (not sure if there's an option to move it) but maybe it's along the lines of what you want?

Of course, you can also put favourites and FTP lists into any toolbar or menu that you want and then access them from anywhere, not just My Computer.

Or do you mean add favorites to the folder tree (left pane in a lister) ?

If so, you can do so from Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree:
[ul]Display Favorites in the Folder Tree
Display Smart Favorites in the Folder Tree
Display Recent List in the Folder Tree[/ul]

No I don't use the Tree view.
I guess it make more sense to use a toolbar to do it, I just have to get use to it that's all.

Thanks for your help