Favorites keyboard shortcut only opens dropdown in first file display

With the favorites toolbar disabled so I get the favorites in each file display location bar, pressing Alt+A now (in 13.4) only opens the dropdown in the first file display even if I'm in the second file display. Worse, if I'm in the second file display, pressing Esc to try to close the dropdown doesn't work. (It works if I'm in the first file display.)

I'm pretty sure this is a regression in 13.4, and worked fine in 13.3.

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Thanks for reporting this. It has been fixed for 13.4.1, which will be out in the next day or so.

(Note that Alt+A also activates the Admin button by default. So you may still need to adjust that Admin button to stop it reacting to Alt+A, if you haven't already.)

The thing about the Admin button won't matter, I've made some changes to avoid the issue.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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