Favorites list and Network paths

I am wanting to list network paths to servers, \servers\share. I am only able to add this if I browse to the share and then click add to Favorites. I do not like the default name this gives and I try to edit this name or try to add this share with a different name; however, when I do this in the Add prompt it locks up and forces me to shutdown/end-task on DOpus.


Is there a config file I can modify as a back door to this solution?


I'm unable to reproduce the problem you're having. Are you on a big network with lots of machines, or is the server you're bookmarking a long way away over a slow link? (I've only tried on my own LAN so maybe that's a factor.)

As for working around the problem, try adding the bookmark as-is, then go to Favorites -> Edit Favorites and see if you can rename it there.

If that fails as well then let us know as it might need investigating. You can then fall back on editing the config data by hand. It's in a fairly simple text/XML file here:


Editing the favorites.ofv will work, thanks.

I also notice that when I double-click a folder in the right pane the tree moves outside of the favorites and goes to the network path or the directory path...this is really annoying. But, if I click on the arrow in the directory tree pane on the left then you can stay in the favorites and not move outside of the favorites section.


If you don't want the tree to follow directory changes, click the lock icon just above the tree. It will then only change when you click on it.

Is there an option to set for disabling this follow directory changes?

Turn it off via the lock, then update the Default Lister to save the lock's state. (Settings -> Save as Default Lister).