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Favorites list

How can I add my list of favorites to the folder list? Or to a toolbar? I don't like it buried in a menu.

Enter customize mode and drag or copy the existing favourites item from the menu out to the toolbar.

If you're new to toolbar editing see the tutorials forum where there's a video you should find helpful.

I couldn't get this to work. But instead I have a new toolbar that shows the favorites menu. Is there a way I can remove the "Open in Tabs" label at the end?

I'm not sure which method you tried or what didn't work but: If you find you cannot drag items around in toolbars/menus then it could be due to a damaged (but easily repaired) registry. See this thread for info.

Yes, add the NOOPENINTABS argument to the Favorites command:

Thanks Leo. NOOPENINTABS was the fruit of my search. :slight_smile: