I have just purchased an upgrade to 8.1, from 6.2

One change which puzzles me, and I can't find any info on, is the representation of the Recent, Favorites and SmartFavorites folders in the folder tree.

In the new version, there is only the Favorites and Recent folders.

I have 2 problems with these special 'folders':

  1. To open these, I need to double click the folder icon. Normally I would expect a + sign next to the icon, to expand the details.

  2. The Favorites only contains the SmartFavorites shortcuts, not the Favorites which I have added manually.

I realize these are available from the ListerMenu: Favorites, however I have been used to selecting my fav's and recents from the folder tree.

Am I overlooking some buried config setting, or is this an 'improved feature'?

I have found the setting for point 2, so I can now see my manually added favorites.

However I have discovered another problem:

It is necessary to double click the folder icon to expand the favorites or recent folders, however if the folder tree is expanded to more than can fit on the current folder tree window (ie the vertical scroll bar is present), then it is impossible to expand/contract these folders. Double clicking goes straight back to display the root folder.