Favouries when saving a file

When you save a file using, say, Microsoft Word, you are presented with a panel which you can use to navigate to the folder you want to save the file in. On the left hand side of this panel there is a folder tree which has a Favourites folder which is empty.

Presumably this is because it is for Windows favourites which is different from DOpus favourites.

Is there any way to get DOpus favourites to display on this panel?

Not in any automated fashion; it displays Explorer's favorites (or possibly custom favorites specific to the app itself, if it has custom Save dialogs).

Some of the tools which Steje mentioned in a related thread earlier may give you quick access to the Opus favorites from some Save dialogs. I think we have an API which allows tools to access the list (it used to be used by a shell extension someone here wrote for this purpose, but that project isn't maintained and no longer works well). I haven't used any of the tools myself so I don't know which does what or if any of them definitely do this, but at least two of them will talk to Opus to some degree (e.g. allowing you to send the Save dialog to the same place that your Opus window is currently showing).