Favourites Menu Selection Auto-Clicking

I have noticed this small problem... after clicking on the star for Favorites to select a drive/folder and I am moving the mouse down to the desired entry then sometimes Opus seems to select the entry for me. I am more than sure this is not me clicking the mouse button twice. Opus doesn't always do it, it seems to be random but it does happen occasionally. I can replicate it on other machines with totally different hardware/mouse setups. It's also not been related to any particular version of Opus as its been occurring throughout Opus 10.x releases and on all OS versions from XP onwards that I've used with Opus installed or running from.

You can select menu items in two ways:

  1. Click and hold to open the menu, keep the button held down, move over the item you want, and release the button.


  1. Click and release to open the menu, move over the item you want, then click and release the mouse button again.

It sounds like you're intending to do 2, but accidentally doing 1 instead by moving the mouse before releasing the button. (I know because I used to do this myself sometimes.)