I would like to be able to have a column on the left or right where I can have all of my favourites listed. It is a pain to select it from the menu all the time.


Do you use the 'folder tree'? If so, you can have the favorites shown there by selecting the Preferences->Listers->Folder Tree->Display Favorites in the Folder Tree option...

Otherwise, you can create a toolbar button that simply runs the command Favorites which will show a dynamic list of all your favorites - without being under a 'menu'.

Thanks for the advice. I knew about the folder tree. This has some problems.

  1. The favourites are closed by default when I open up a new lister. This seems illogical to me.

  2. Its cluttered and ugly with all that stuff above the favourites that I don't use. I should be able to tell dopus to not show it.

  3. I cannot give the favourites aliases in this view.

So do as steje suggested, create a toolbar, put it on the right (or left) of the Lister, and put the Favorites List command in it.

I'm trying to do that at the moment. We'll see how we go. Thanks for the advice.

ok. Ive done it. There is only 1 problem left. If it is a long path it takes up too much space. Is there any way of limiting the size like in a normal window or, can i have it show an alias instead of the full path? Then the size would not be a problem.

You can assign aliases to favorite folders from the Preferences editor - simply select the item and click the Rename button.

Yes. I know that but the aliases don't show up in the toolbar. It still show the full directory path.

I think the terminology is getting mixed up here. Aliases are a different thing to Favorites. What Jon meant is you can give each favorite a customised name simply by clicking rename in Preferences / Favorites & Recent / Favorites List for each item in your list. That way you can limit the width of each item. I just tried it and it's working correctly in a toolbar.

ok. I got it. Thanks. This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks again.