Favoutrite - no expansion arrows till you click on them?

Is it possible to get the favourites in the folder tree to have an expansion arrow on them BEFORE you click on them?

Say for example I want to copy something in my current folder to a sub-directory of a favourite - it would seem I have to click on favourites, then it gives me the arrow, then I can expand it, but of course I have lost where I started and have to navigate back some steps.

Would be far easier if the expansion arrow was jsut there to start with and I could open my favourite's subfolders and copy straight to it without having to 'click into' the favourite.

I note that when I move my mouse over the Folder Tree pane, arrows pop up on favourite folders which have subfolders. No need to click.

Perhaps more relevant to what you want to do... Ctrl-Click on the file(s) you want to copy and drag/hover over the relevant folder structure in the tree. If there are sub folders, the tree will expand and you can drill down until you get to where you want to drop the file(s).

Regards, AB

Hmmm yes that works (it expands the list on hover) - it would just be nice if it worked like the rest of the folder tree and had the icons in place to start with as having to do things slightly differently for one case is one of those little irritants I try and use Opus to get aware from :wink:

Actually, it doesn't really work.

It will only expand the list on hover if the list has already been clicked on once and it has an arrow. If you drag to a favourite with subfolders that has not been clicked on (so doesn't yet have the arrow) - it does NOT expand. And that's definitely an irritant (and a bug, no - certainly expansion would be the expected behaviour?)

What version of Opus are you using? x64 - not the newest beta, just the release version

I just installed that version in a virtual machine with a standard configuration and it works just fine for me here. When I drag and hover, folders with subfolders expand almost instantly.

Regards, AB

hmmm they definitely don't here - if there's an arrow from a previous click they definitely do, if not they don't. This is with local drives. Maybe it's a config thing, but I've looked and can't find anything. Any DOpus experts want to chime in on this one and what I am doing wrong??