FAYT always from top

Is possible to make FAYT always from the beginning of directory? I mean - when I am at the top of lister, FAYT find me first file or directory with typing letters, but if i am at the bottom and there is file with similar name than directory, OPUS select that file, not directory, because directory is above.

I explain what I need that for so maybe that will be useful. I mostly uses FAYT to fast directory select (and go inside with enter key). For files I mostly uses mouse and filter if there is lot of files. So, when I know directory names I uses keyboard to fast jump into, but sometimes I browse files in the directory. Then I type first letters very fast and press enter (just habit) but instead of directory i select action for file. :slight_smile: So option "always from top" in FAYT will be very useful.

There isn't at the moment.

You just have to push the Home key to jump to the top of the directory, but I guess that's no help if you're typing out of habit, unless you can add pushing Home at the start to the habit. (Easier said than done, maybe. :slight_smile:)

"Easier said than done, maybe" - exactly. :slight_smile:
Some habits are really annoying but small option in next beta will be nice. :slight_smile:

Also - I'm waiting a loooong time for option that lock one lister as destination (without possibility to change until unlock). That's another habit - i have separate listers but at the top i have only one - "source". If i open few listers (for start mp3 listening, browse images spearately, browse flash object separately etc.) then back to first lister (for example - lister with php files for updating website), then i start copying files to some of previous opened listers instead of proper destination. Most of them (or all of them) are for read only, but they are set to destination if i choose another one. So, if even test version of "lock one lister as destination" will be present in new beta, I'll be very happy. :slight_smile: