FAYT close timeout support setting 0 seconds

Often, I find a lot of files, find does not show the results together, the files are still in the original position, only the keywords are highlighted. Usually I need a scroll bar to find other files. If I need to search and compare these results in the browser, FAYT close timeout is set for a long time, but after online search, I need to find again and again.

If FAYT close timeout supports setting 0 seconds, that is, after find, the result state remains unchanged until it is closed or mouse clicked, there will be no problem with time.

I just want to get a static result through find.

Is it feasible, thanks!

Filtering is probably a better fit for what you're doing than using FAYT.

Do the same thing as you're already doing, but push * before you start typing what you want to look for.

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Thanks Leo!

99% meet my requirements. Just when I close the filter bar, I have to clear the keyword first.

Doesn't ESC close it?

Yes, it does. But very strange, I need to press ESC twice. For the first time, the first letter of the keyword is left; the second time, the keyword is completely deleted. I don't know if this is a normal operation?

I rarely use keyboard shortcuts before, almost with the mouse.

Double-click on the result of find or search to open the file, the find and search input boxes will disappear immediately, but the filter bar will not. But this is also its advantage, if I need this result many times. I don't do anything. When I reopen Opus, the filter bar will also disappear.

Anyway, the filter bar is far beyond my expectations, 120% meets my requirements and has been set to default.

Thanks Leo, Jon, Greg for your excellent work!

When I paste the full name of the file for an exact search, the format of the filter bar seems to be wrong.

Looks OK to me. What do you mean by the 'format'?

The original filter bar looks like this:

The filter bar after pasting the long filename should look like this:

The checkbox is squeezed out.

BTW, in order to make the filter bar disappear, does ESC need to be pressed twice?

The pattern field gets wider if you type or paste a lot into it. That is meant to happen. The checkbox is still fully displayed, it just moves to the right if the thing on the left of it grows. Nothing is going wrong there.

If the filter bar has focus, pushing Esc once returns keyboard focus to the file display.

If you push Esc when the file display has focus, and a filter is set, the filter is cleared.

By default, the filter bar appears when a filter is set and disappears when no filter is set. So pushing Esc twice when in the filter bar is one way to close the filter bar, yes, as a consequence of what those actions do.

You can change when the filter bar is displayed under Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options.

In fact, The pattern field has become too large and the checkbox is no longer visible.

I have a new discovery just now, whether to set the filter bar as the default, the response to ESC is different.

If I enter * to activate the filter bar, the ESC only needs to be pressed once and the filter bar exits; if the filter bar is set to default, the ESC needs to be pressed twice.

I see what you mean.

That's actually done on purpose. It's mainly for when the window is very narrow:


Parts of the filter bar will move away or be hidden to make room for the main filter control if needed.

The "Show Everything" checkbox to the right of the control isn't that important, especially if you are filtering with a pattern. You'd never use a pattern and Show Everything at the same time, because Show Everything disables the pattern.

The checkbox is only there at all so that if you open the filter bar while in Show Everything mode it is easy too see why the rest of the bar is all disabled, as well as to provide another way to discover the Show Everything function. Making it use up space which could be used by the main filter wouldn't make sense.

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Thanks Leo, I see.

I generally don't use the checkbox. If I want Show Everything, I will delete the keyword. However, since the checkbox exists, I just want to keep the filter bar format stable, because the pattern field gets wider and still cannot display the full file name.

At this point, I use the filter bar, just press ESC once to exit.

At this point, I need to press ESC twice to exit.