FAYT (filter as you type) Behaviour

I would say FAYT is one of the features I use the most in DO and is has really made a difference in how I can quickly find what I am looking for. However, I am having a problem with it that is really hampering my ability to use it.

  1. I navigate to a folder (which contains other folders) and then type the string I am looking for
  2. All the matching folders instantly appear as expected
  3. From here I select one of the folders with the up/down arrow keys and would like to navigate into it, however this is not possible without first having to press ENTER to hide the filter bar and then ENTER again to navigate into the folder. I don't understand this behaviour, or how to turn it off so that I only have to press ENTER once. I tried enabling the option "Allow return key to open selected item" but this has no effect.
  4. Once I have navigated into the folder I am interested in, if I go back a level (to where I had filtered), the filter has been cleared, which is the really annoying part I am trying to avoid. I would like the filter to remain on the folder at which I typed the filter so I can continue looking through the filtered list of folders. I have tried unchecking "clear quick filter automatically when changing folders" which does in fact have this effect, but then the filter gets applied to each of the subfolders I navigate into, which has the effect of hiding everything in the subfolders! I can't figure out how to stop the filter being applied to subfolders as well.

I am clearly missing something, since this seems like it would be a common usage pattern, but not sure what I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

You could open the folder in a new tab. The new tab won't have a quickfilter applied to it, and when you close it you are back in the original folder with its quickfilter untouched.

I was really really hoping that wasn't going to be the answer. I have had to resort to that and it is an absolute productivity killer. This is probably the feature I need to use the most - I even configured the left and right arrow keys so I could filter and rapidly jump in and out of each folder to find what I am looking for. Could you please implement a feature to allow this? It would be even more amazing if you could successively filter each sub-folder as needed. For now, I have had to resort to using OneCommander since they have implemented this feature almost perfectly and it is a game changer. This is actually the number one item on my DO wishlist by some margin.

Also it would be great to fix the issue with having to hit enter twice after filtering before being able to get into the subfolders.

Many thanks.

Try this add-in:

It would be even more amazing if you could successively filter each sub-folder as needed

What do you mean by "as needed"?

fix the issue with having to hit enter twice after filtering before being able to get into the subfolders.

I am afraid that is by design, as the cursor keys are needed in the filter bar box.

Thanks! I've been trying the add-in but I'm seeing some odd behaviour. Sometimes the filter carries into the subfolder and applies it to the contents of the subfolder (in which case I see an empty subfolder) and sometimes it does not - I am trying to determine the pattern but haven't been able to figure it out yet. The filter will also carry into the parent folder if I navigate up one level (always) and it gets applied to the parent, so I see an empty parent folder. Also, if I hit Escape, it removes the filter but if I navigate into a subfolder and then back again, the filter gets re-applied.

Are these folders somehow special? How do you navigate?

the filter gets re-applied

Ah, yes... please delete this line from the script:

if (tab.quickfilter.filter == '') return;

Hi Ixp, apologies for the delay in responding. This is not behavinig as I was hoping - I'll send more info through once I pull together the scenarios.