FAYT Find Mode - "Highlight matches" background colour?

When typing text into a Lister this will, by default IIRC, go into Find-As-You-Type Find Mode...


I have

Prefs->File Displays->FAYT and Filter Bar Options->FAYT Find Mode->Highlight matches

turned on, and am wondering where exactly I can set the highlight colour? In the screenshot above the pale yellow colour in the file display?


Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Files and folders - Matched Text

Aha... I just checked the colour I set is actually pure yellow, #ffff00, whereas the Lister is showing, #bea007 (off yellow) [un/selected text is transparent]... so there seems to be some blending going on here?

Checked with Display->Options where I have several blend options are turned on. Turned off every one of them, and still I am seeing the off-yellow Matched Text colour.


I seem to be doing something strange here... additionally.

P.S. While in the first screenshot, is there a way to set the blue dotted outline for the file cursor colour in the Angel Rat line of the file display? It seems to be a Windows 10 default system colour?

If you turn on the option to use visual styles to draw items, you'll get a solid line instead. You can't currently change the color of either line (both are drawn by Windows APIs), although we may add that to help with dark themes.

Same with the blending of the highlight color, that's on our list as it's a little hard to see with dark themes.

Thanks for the quick replies. More configurability in regard to the above two cases would indeed be appreciated.

I tried to follow Leo's advice and use: Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Files and folders - Matched Text. However, the result does not seem to be as expected. I can't detect any difference. When I perform a search, the matched text is not highlighted in yellow. . .

Could you show a screenshot of what you are doing? You should get matches highlighted in yellow by default, if you're typing into the file display to find matching filenames. (Assuming Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Highlight matches is on.)

Here is a screenshot where you can see that the text "Starcraft" is not highlighted in the filename. Also, under "File Displays", I do not see "FAYT and Filter Bar Options". . . Perhaps the issue is that I am still using the trial version of Directory Opus?

You're typing into the Windows Search field.

Type into the file display itself instead.

Ah okay I see. However, when you type into the display itself, the search does not show results from inside folders. Also the list of files does not reduce. All of the files are displayed, but then the matches are shown in yellow. This is not exactly the behavior I was looking for. I just want the results from the windows search as usual, but I want the matching text to be highlighted in yellow. Is that possible? The normal file explorer that comes with Windows 10 by default behaves in the way that I want. However, the normal file explorer does not have tabs and all of the other features of Directory Opus.

Use the Filter Bar to filter the displayed list. * Is the default hotkey. (Preferences has various options about how it behaves, on the same page as the FAYT highlight option.)

Turn on flat view to see items in child folders as well.

(Using Tools>Find Files, Opus's internal find functionality, or the Windows Search field, are still better in some situations, e.g. searching whole drives where using flat view would be extremely slow.)

Highlghting is only for FAYT, but not usually needed for modes which filter out non-matches, IME.

Okay thanks. That is all helpful information. I also find that I can get the behavior I want by doing a "Windows search" with the search box in the top right corner (no matching text is highlighted in yellow at that point), and then I can click in the window with the list of files and search my text again to get the matches to become highlighted (I could also filter the search results with the * character as you mentioned). I wish I did not have to type my search two times to get the highlighting. I would prefer that the matching text would be highlighted automatically after the initial windows search. Nevertheless, this method seems to work and Directory Opus has many other nice features. Thanks for your help!