FAYT Search functionality

The build in search engine is not searching content from PDF files and it is very slow. However, without index that is expected but not content within searchable pdf files.

The FAYT function is very nice but it can only search within the current folder.

It seems that it expects only one search parameter and no or and condition and date search parameter like in windows search (explorer) date:> is not working.

Why is the FAYT disappearing and cannot be modified? It just opens a new search result tab.

FAYT has multiple modes. The default mode just helps you locate files by name in the current folder. You can also type = as the first character to use the Windows Search mode, which is the same as typing into the search field at the top right of the window. That will search sub-folders, not just the current folder.

What Windows Search does is entirely up to Windows Search, and the participating components installed on your PC. Whether or not PDF file contents are searched may depend on the PDF viewer you have installed. (Or viewers, plural, if multiple viewers are fighting over each other's registry settings.) PDF viewers typically install an IFilter component which Windows Search can use to search file contents (whether indexed or not).

Opus also has its own independent search functionality, which does not rely on Windows Search, which can be accessed via Tools > Find Files (but isn't available in the FAYT field, although we might add that for simple searches).

FAYT shortcut key are known, the search with = is now searching subfolders so don't know why it did not in the first place
What about multipe search strings using FAYT is it possible to search for text content and date range.
what would be the syntax of searching with = date values or is it not possible
PDFs are searchable with content. But the Opus build in search will not find any text within PDF
But it can display PDF in preview.
Why is the search bar not remaining to edit the search instead it displays the search result

Use the search field on the default toolbars if you want something you can edit again afterwards. If you want to access it via hotkey, F3 is the default key but you can change that if you want to.

The syntax for Windows Search is the same as in File Explorer, and not something Opus defines or has any control over. Microsoft document it here: