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Feature question about v12 Light


I just bought a Light license for v12 for home use. My understanding is that my Pro license at work is NOT valid for home use on my personal PC.

I also noticed immediately I cannot lock tabs in DO in the Light version. Very disappointing. A necessary feature for me.

So.... just confirming: If I want to be able to lock tabs, I need to upgrade to the Pro version even for home use. Can someone confirm?



That's usually the case (Licencing FAQ) but if you want to check individual circumstances please email with details of the situation and they can give a definitive answer. (e.g. Is the licence one you bought or one the company you work for bought. Are you using a work computer or your own.)

This is why we allow evaluation first, and switching between Pro and Light to test for differences, to see which version makes the most sense for your needs.

If you decide you wish to upgrade from Light to Pro, you can do so for just the difference in price here.