Feature Request: 3-Way Menu Button

In my toolbars, I use both menu buttons and 3-way buttons whenever possible. Menu buttons clearly allow users to have that one most used function as the button itself, while providing a menu capability for other related functions. Conversely, 3-way buttons allow for mouse use optimization with one's most often used (and usually related) commands. There are instances when I would, if the capability were there, combine both to provide access in one button to 3 high use items controlled by assigned mouse button click, combined with a menu for related items. Unfortunately, menu buttons and 3-way buttons are mutually exclusive. I would humbly request a combined option.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll have a think about it for a future version.

The way we've tackled this in the default toolbars -- where we moved from lots of 3-buttons in Opus 9 to menu-buttons in Opus 10 -- is to give the main button part alternative functions when Shift is held down (and maybe Ctrl in some cases). It's not quite the same as a 3-button, but it gives you similarly quick access to alternate commands without having to open up the menu. (Although the commands are also in the menu; mainly so that you can discover what they are and that the shift key activates them.)

For example, shift-click the Copy Files menu-button and it'll do a Copy-As.

Thanks for replying, Leo. Is there a way to assign alternative functions to a menu button using shift or control in conjunction with the mouse click?

Yes, as Leo said that's what buttons like the Copy Files menu-button in the default toolbar do. See the manual for information on the @keydown command modifier: gpsoft.com.au/help/opus10/de ... erence.htm

Thanks Jon!