Feature request: auto-resize lister when activating new pane

There is a thing that has been bothering me a little since Opus 6: when I activate a new pane inside a lister (e.g. opening the tree or docking another lister into it), the lister window bounds remain the same, and its content resizes to accommodate the new pane.

I would like an option to tick that would allow the lister window to automatically resize in such cases, and also remember the old size so when I do the opposite action (close the tree, close/remove the docked 2nd lister), the previous size would be reapplied to the window.

Hopefully it's clear, but let me give a more concrete third example with concrete sizes. Assume that I have a lister that's 400 pixels wide and I click the "Display this folder in the other file display" (Copy) button in the upper right corner of the file display border to open a new pane on the right side.

What happens now is I have a dual pane lister that has two panes, 200 pixels wide each, inside a lister window that's still 400 pixels wide. With the new option enabled, however, I'd get two panes, each 400 pixels wide in a window whose width is now 800 pixels (roughly, ignoring the chrome for simplicity).

Jon, Leo, what do you think? Is this a lot of work to implement? Right now I find myself resizing (widening) the window manually each and every time when I switch to dual pane, dock listers, use the Find or the Synchronize panel (BTW, the same argument applies for vertical docking/panes). But don't sweat it too hard if it's a lot of work (especially if remembering the "previous" state is tricky).

Thanks in advance.

I've been thinking about that for the utility pane. Haven't looked into it in any detail yet.

You can more-or-less do it already by adding commands which resize the window to the buttons/hotkeys which toggle the different panels, FWIW.

That takes care of utility panels, but not for the general case (docking listers, using the => button in the file display border to enter dual lister mode, opening the folder tree...). Actually, I don't think commands can cut it, i.e. can I run a command upon docking a lister into another? A global option would be a lot more comprehensive.

I'd volunteer to implement it but if you saw my C++ skills, you'd probably banish me from ever touching the codebase again, so I thought I'd spare you that experience :smiley: