Feature request: different way of trunctating path in FDB

Hi, I am evaluating DO.
I would like to be able to set the path in File Display Border this way: When it´s too long it´s trunctated so that you can see the end of the path (see images). This would allow me to see (and work with) the parent folders above the folder I am currently in and help me orient much faster where I am. Many file managers trunctate the path this way and it´s much more user friendly.

I guess this is not possible now (I have looked at the File Display Border preferences). So I would like to request this feature. Of course this should be optional and you could turn it on or off.

I know about the Pathbar (which can do what I am requesting here) but I like to use only one "path bar" as much as possible. In addition the Pathbar is located too far and works only for active (source) pane.

How Dir. Opus trunctates the path:

How I would like to see it (and how many file managers do it):


This has been asked before ( gpsoft.com.au/Support.html

Thanks again for reply, Christiaan. Since it was asked nearly 3 years ago I am surprised it hasn´t been implemented yet. It would be very useful feature.
I agree with Icfu, having to use two similar path bars at once is counterproductive. Eventually it might be deal breaker for me since I am slower at navigation with this setup than in say SpeedCommander which has excellent path bar.

As for the sending feature request, like I said in my other thread, unfortunately I can´t send it.