Feature Request: Extend "File and Folder Labels" to the tree

Thank you for the newly added "File and Folder Labels", which has greatly helped my file organisation. Could I suggest that each item be given an "Extend to tree" option that would to carry the specified colours and fonts to the associated tree (at least as far as the background colour is concerned, if altering the fonts in the tree is a problem). That would make it just that bit easier for me to pick out the folders containing files that I need to work with.

The Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Use configured file display colors for tree items option gives you that.

Thanks for that. I'm misunderstanding something because it doesn't seem to work for me (Pro Version The switch you gave was already ticked, and subsequent ticking or unticking makes no difference.

Here is the specific situation at present. The switch you gave is ticked. A single-panel lister is open at D:\MyFolder, displaying 12 subfolders in its main panel. Of these twelve subfolders, SubfolderE and SubfolderG are boldface with fawn background (because I set the label to highlight files and folders folder dated after 16/11/12).

The corresponding left-hand tree is expanded to display these same 12 subfolders, but in this display, SubfolderE and SubfolderG are neither boldface nor have coloured background. I am wanting these folders to have boldface and fawn background in the tree as well as in the main panel.

I don't think filter labels work in the tree. (There could be huge performance issues in enabling them there, too.)

The other types of labels should work.

Thanks Leo, I thought it could be something like that. We are becoming like spoilt children demanding ever more flexibility.