[Feature request] Faster renaming of files


Since I do this alot I would like to suggest some changes to save me and probably other a lot of time:

I click on a file and press Ctrl+3. I want to replace all dots (.) with spaces ( ) in the filename(s), so I select "Find and replace", either by clicking on the preset or using the Type-dropdown box. Would it be possible to:

  • clear the Replace-textbox (with the filename in it) when using the Type-dropdown box as it does when clicking on the "Find and Replace"-preset?
  • clear the Find-textbox as well and setting the focus in it having selected the "Find and Replace"-preset?
  • automatically select the last used preset so I don't have to click on "Find and Replace" every time? This would also mean the above two things happen. This especially would save a lot of time.

Thanks and keep up the good work :smiley:

And why you don't create button or shortcut with this command...


Not familiar with that, but I'll check it out, thx

You can also use Rename PRESET=last to re-open the rename window with the same settings as the last time you used it.

So I made a new user command which says


but that just repeats the last rename-option and does not open the rename-window.

My mistake, you need to add the ADVANCED argument as well:


That did it, thanks! :smiley: