[Feature Request] Mark Existing Directories on Go Bar

When typing the start of a long path on the Go bar, Opus automatically fills in the rest of the line, highlighted in blue. I've come to realize that this feature is not just a convenience to save keystrokes; it also provides visual feedback regarding the existence of the path. When the Go bar expands my path name and highlights it in blue, I know that when I hit "enter" I'm going to get a directory listing, and not a disturbing Retry/Parent/Abort error dialog. That is, as an Opus user, I've gotten used to the symbolism that "Blue Highlight" = "A path that really exists".

Having gotten used to this wonderful feature, I've found the visual feedback sorely lacking in cases where I type a full directory name. This is particularly relevant with short path names, where there isn't much opportunity for Opus to fill it in before it is typed in full. What I'd like to suggest, then, is that Opus provide a blue background highlight (or some other visual feedback) to indicate that a typed directory exists as is.

For instance, let's say I have a few folders called "c:\temp\166", "c:\temp\167", etc.; but not "c:\temp\169". If I type "c:\temp\166" on the Go bar, I'd like the Go bar to take on a blue highlighting, providing the indication that this is an existing directory. Thus, if I type "c:\temp\169", I would know immediately that I've typed incorrectly, and I would backspace and correct it before hitting enter, thus avoiding the Retry/Parent/Abort dialog altogether.

Would you please consider such a feature?

Thanks for the suggestion. That seems like a good idea.