Feature Request - Navigating the Set Color context menu

Hi There
This is I guess a feature request (unless anyone can point out a fancy trick)
Consider I RHS click on a folder.
The context menu comes up.
I navigate to Set Color
Now a submenu comes up with all the color/background options that I have set up (Settings > Preferences > File and folder Labels)
As you can see I have enough that they do not all show on screen.
I naviage the cursor now down to the last visible entry.
This is highlighted in the screenshot "GreyYellow"
If I navigage further down by pressing the down arrow again the cursor disappears off the bottom of the screen.
If I want to see the rest of the submenu entries I have to press the little down arrow with the mouse.
My request is that when I naviagate with the keyboard below the last item visible, that the unseen part of the submenu becomes visible just as if I had mouse clicked the little down arrow. I dont want to have to move my hand from the keys to the mouse and back.
The same applies if I navigate off the top of the submenu. If I do that the cursor moves to the last entry right at the bottom. That entry is "Reset".
I hope this all made sense.
If not please ask any questions and I will clarify.
I will bring the attention of Directory Opus to this post.
Any interested parties out there please endores this request with a short "I do" post!

We didn't really envisage anyone creating more than 56 labels like that. Do they really all get used? I don't think I could remember what all the different color and font combinations represent after 10 or so (if that).

On a side note, your Green and GreenB are backwards. The wrong one is Bolded :slight_smile: