[Feature Request] Notification on File Operation Complete

Often I find that I'm uploading a very large file to an FTP or Network for others to do something with, or even downloading a large file that I need before I can start doing some important work. Well you know how it goes, next thing you know I'm wasting time on the internet, ahem, I mean I'm doing other equally important tasks while I wait. Often the file operation finishes without me noticing and I continue on doing whatever it is I'm doing instead of notifying my coworker or starting on my important work.

I'd like an option to be notified when a file operation completes. I imagine it would be an additional checkbox located in the Unattended Operation error list popup. Checkbox would say "Notify Me when File Operation(s) are complete".

So then when the file completed, then I think the Operation Popup (the one that shows the overall progress with the green bars) would remain open and in the taskbar it would blink. I would notice the blinking, click it and see that its 100% complete, hit OK to dismiss the operation popup, and go about my business.

Thanks for your time!

You can use the @confirm command after the Copy (or whatever the operation is) command to make Opus pop-up a message box after the main operation completes.

Is it really needed, though? Once the operation completes the progress dialog is gone so you know it's no longer running, and if you want to double-check things you can look in Opus's file log.

Your solution works for me, thank you.

I guess nothing is ever truly needed, its all just sugar. But I suppose yes, the whole point is that I am busy with other things, and my memory is a joke. So I'd prefer that the file dialog stick around so I can see its done.