FEATURE REQUEST: Queueing of items to be copied/moved

Would it be possible to add functionality whereby if I have an existing copy operation in progress that I could then drag files to that copy progress dialog for it to be placed in a queue of items to be copied/moved to the destination set for that dialog box.
Maybe also an option for DOpus to be "intelligent" and automatically queue file copy/move operations up if it has a file operation with the same destination as an existing copy/move operation.

This would be quite useful when transferring large files in various different locations. Instead of multiple copies all occurring at the same time (and degrading write performance) or having to copy one file at a time and wait for each file to finish copying before moving onto the next.


Lots threads about this already:


BTW, this is a user-to-user forum; if you want to request features it's best to write to GPSoftware support, though I know this one is already on their to-do list.