[feature request] resizable sel. area in standalone viewer

it took me few hours to find how to select part of the image in standalone viewer (I think there should be a toggle icon in the viewer toolbar which allows to choose between what LMB does and not only under preferences -> viewer -> standalone viewer -> left mouse button)

And now my suggestion: If I could resize selection rectangle in standalone viewer I, for sure wouldn't need external program for pictures. Is there any chance that you could add that feature?

Thank you.

You may also take a look at JPGView to replace the internal DO viewer. It's a very lightweight, but feature packed image viewer. It takes some time to discover all of it's options and configurations, but it's real fun to use. It is so good, with only very minimal flaws, I actually wished it would be DOs internal picture viewer.

JPEGView's handling fits DO like ying fits yang. o) It's also much, much faster for jpgs than DOs viewer, allows custom hotkeys, custom actions, custom menus, rename, brightness, gamma, selection area with fixed aspect ratio, cropping, on the fly display switching, lock/unlock zoom & position etc. etc.. The DO team maybe could turn the current code base (its available on sourceforge) into an offical DO plugin. Licence-wise that could be possible I guess, not sure though.

Sorry for being offtopic a bit, but I wanted to tell/suggest this for quite some time. o)
It would bring many new (wanted & reported) things, which the current viewer does not have.

JPEGView: sourceforge.net/projects/jpegview/

Are you using a 286 from the 1980s or something? :slight_smile: JPEG decoding takes a split second.

(Resizing a huge image if it's set to scale, or loading a large image file off a very slow device, are usually the bottlenecks in getting an image on screen, but neither of those are specific to JPG files.)

I have irfanView for pictures but since I use only 5% of its power I decided to find something simpler (like internal viewer without 3rd party apps but unfortunately it is very basic).

A little offtopic:
tbone, your ModifiedWithin script is a gem :slight_smile: and it fits into my layout perfectly.

Well, it's a 2.8Ghz AMD Quadcore, so it should be ok, at least for decoding jpgs I guess. o)

Honestly, with regular resampling activated, it's about 3-4 times faster than DOs viewer, I guess because it pre-renders/caches the images and also uses multithreading, pushing all cores of the CPU. Additionally JPGViewer has an option to not use resampling while at all. If that is "enabled", you can fly through about 10 jpgs of about 16 megapixels in size within a second. Visually there's is a slight difference, but for sorting images in fullscreen mode, just to find the sharpest takes e.g., this is awesome fast and convenient.

You should try and see the difference, it's really worth taking some time and trying some of it's features.
It's one of the tools that just amazed me, when I tried it. That does not happen too often. o)
And it's not slow storage here, my speed comparisons were done with the same images files on the same location (local harddrive).

Thank you! It seems you know how to use it, looks good! o)