[Feature Request]Selectable starting point when using macro rename

the new macro rename feature in version 12 is very very nice two thumbs up. when using it i came across a limitation, lets say one has files with the following filenames:

first list item 001.ext
second listed item 002.ext
third item 003.ext
fourth listed items 004.ext
fifth listing item 005.ext
sixth listing items 006.ext

say one wants to move the three digits before .ext to the start of the filename so that "first list item 001.ext" would be "001 first list item.ext", "second listed item 002.ext" would be "002 second listed item.ext", etc. using dopus the workflow would have been delete the last three digits and then apply sequential numbering on the result.

if one decides to use macros to delete the last three digits you'd have a situation where if "first list item 001.ext" was the reference, the filenames after rename would be:

first list item.ext
second listed i002.ext
third item 003.ext
fourth listed i 004.ext
fifth listing i005.ext
sixth listing i 006.ext

only "first list item 001.ext" had its last three digits deleted correctly.

so my question is, could the macro function be expanded so that if one has filenames like the above that are of different lengths but have common units(like the last three digits in the example) a person would be able to manually select where the macro operation would begin ?

Push the End key twice while editing the names. :slight_smile:

what can i say :thumbsup: you really did think of everything. thank you.