Feature request: view hotkeys by date created

Being a keyboard shortcut freak, I've made a lot of new shortcuts the past few months. The problem is, they are scattered between my office computer, my desktop computer and my laptop. If I could just view the keyboard shortcuts available by date, I would know what the new ones are in each computer and would be able to copypaste them more easily!
is this feasible? just a date modified/created column next to the name or something


I think all the relevant config data is stored in XML files, so you could run a diff tool (e.g. WinMerge for a free one or BeyondCompare for a great one) on the two config directories to see what's different between the standalone hotkeys (in one pair of files) and the toolbars (which can also contain hotkeys for their buttons).

I hadn't thought of that.. I ll try it, thanks! although a created/modified column would also be very nice to see in the future!