Feature Request : Wrapping Toolbar

I tend to have a large amount of buttons in my toolbars, and I often resize my window horizontally: sometimes to be able to see all my buttons; sometimes to be able to see other apps next to my lister.

So I was wondering if there's a way to have toolbar buttons wrap when exceeding window dimensions. And if not, I'd like to suggest this as an added feature.

Suggested implementation: Customize>Toolbars>[Toolbar ID]>Wrap when exceeding lister dimensions (something like that, or just Wrap). So when wrapping occurs, the toolbar would take as much space as needed (adding an instance) under itself, or next to, depending on whether it's a vertical toolbar.

All the best wishes,


Thanks for the suggestion! There isn't currently.

Thanks Leo. Just a clarification, if I was a bit vague: This shouldn't be permanent/default, but rather an option* :wink:

*...since there's already a mechanism for toolbar overflow. And, in case you're wondering why I suggest this: I personally don't fancy the current overflow solution with the >> icons when window gets too small, yet other people might not want this changed.