Feature Request

(1) Please allow a settings option for "full row select" is list views, in other words the file select box extends width wise across all columns from file name to attributes, this should be a setting tick box under "display"

(2) Please allow a setting to enable the "file collections" folder to be hidden from the listers or for the feature to be turned off somehow, perhaps to be an icon only on the toolbar, but not to show up anywhere in the folder tree.

Best regards, Geoff Allison

Try Preferences / Listers / Power/Details Mode: Full-row selection (there are two checkboxes, one for Power mode and one for Details mode).

There's currently no way to hide it from the tree in all situations but if you change where the tree starts from (Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree) and also move the File Collections item using Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration: Add File Collections icon to the desktop (on or off depending on where your tree is set to start) then you might be able to find a nicer place for it (or hide it completely). If you end up with it on your desktop then you can use TweakUI to hide it if you don't want to change the Opus option. Not sure if that's helpful or not but thought I'd mention it.