Feature Suggestion: Enable all cursor keys for Filter Bar

We recently switched over from the Find-As-You-Type (FAYT) field to the filter bar and it works pretty well so far.

The only major issue we have is that we miss the option that allows to control the file display directly with the cursor keys (as it is well known from the FAYT field). Currently all cursor up/down and pos1/end keys are catched from the filter bar instead of passing them through to allow direct interaction with the file display.

Thus we want to propose the introduction of this convenient option to the filter bar as well.

Sounds like a decent idea.

I never know what this "Enable all cursor keys" option can do for me. But after finding it out, I definitely want to have that for the quickfilter bar as well.

+1 for this great idea!

Actually I have not used the filterbar at all so far because it feels inconvenient (compared with this old direct-typing-field) that the cursor keys can not be used for file navigation.

Thus I would apprectiate to have cursor support for file navigation as well for the filterbar (which obviously is much more powerful).

Thanks as always for your suggestions, your feedback and your compliments!

All suggestions are looked at and considered, but there is no way we can give a yes or no to everything in 2-3 weeks. Things go into a list, and as new features are "needed" the list is looked at and discussed and at that point the decision is made. So rest assured, it will be looked at and (based on past history) has a better than even chance of being implemented in the fullness of time :slight_smile:

Jon, thanks for the kind reply. Actually I didn't want to push for a decision, but hear only a sign of life, because I was afraid that this post has been overlooked. Normally Leo responds very reliable within hours or days, so after some weeks I just want to know that he/you actually have read it. That there was no answer for such a long time, was quite unusal. I really did not think anything bad when questioning. And believe me, I did not want to annoy anyone for sure.

All posts are read :slight_smile: