Feature Suggestion for Synchronize Display

Feature Suggestion for Synchronize Display

See the attached view.

I would request that in the left pane a blank line be above that first file for two reasons:

  1. So it is clear that the top file in the right pane is only on the right AND
  2. So it is clear that the next to lines are on both sides, one more recent than the other

This example is intentionally simple so the request is clear.

If many file pairs like this are found, it is very hard hard to tell what is going is on. You'll see a long list of files on the right and a shorter one on the left AND the files on the left will not line up with any on the right. Neither 1 or 2 above will be clear.

I'd like this too, and it is on our ideas list, but also not easy to add.

There are other indications, though. You can tell the file exists on the right because it's marked for deletion/replacement over on the right.

The default Edit > Select Other menu also has items for selecting everything that is or isn't on the other side, too, which can help.