Feature suggestion: key for repeating last action

Sorry if this should turn out to be already possible. I know this function from an audio editor: no matter what complex action was previoulsy used, F3 would repeat that action (of course F3 in Opus is assigned to another function). This would imo be very convenient as a new feature in Opus.

I'm not sure how useful this would be. If you copy some files, why would you want to copy them again? If you delete some files, how can you delete them again? :slight_smile:

Yeah, you´re right, i wasn´t too specific about the exact usage. With copy & move it is pretty useless.

I actually thought of repeating some renaming actions (specially with some "session"wise settings opposed to saved renames), where i had to reclick the button everytime after changing folders & applying that renames to other files.

I think there might be a few more scenarios where this possibly also would make sense.

You could set up a hotkey (or button) to automatically run the last rename if it's just this specific case you're after.

Nice. But how is the code for that key? The details are changing almost every time, so there must be some dynamic "repeat" code for it.

I had a look in the german manual before i posted, but searching for "repeat" (if that´s the right key word) had only two hits with a different meaning.

Rename PRESET=last is what you want.

As simple as that? thanks a lot.