Feature suggestion: Mouse PRESS to start inline rename

Hi forum and Dopus team,

there is one issue that I have found to be inconvenient for a long time: starting inline rename by mouse is either a) very slow or b) slow.

If I have a) the preview pane open (I always have the preview pane open), with PDF files (where the viewer pane takes focus from the lister when selecting a file, same with all other file types that use the IE ActiveX viewer) it usually takes a sequence of like four to six times clicking on a file name until I finally can inline edit the file name, which is very annoying.

If b) I close the preview pane (such that it doesn't take focus from the lister when selecting a file), I still have to do Click-Wait-Click-Wait in order to enter inline rename mode. The first "Wait" is necessary in order for the next click not to be detected as double-click, and the second "Wait" is done by Dopus to be able to decide if you maybe still wanted to open the already selected file, instead of renaming it, when you click on it.

I'd therefore propose that a mouse press on a file name (make the duration configurable) directly enters inline rename mode -- preferably at the same time preventing loss of focus of the lister pane under all circumstances.

This would make renaming so much easier and faster.

Thanks already for consideration.


If the PDF viewer steals focus then we can only take it back. We can't prevent it from taking it. Using another PDF viewer is your only option there (other than complaining to the maker of the viewer you're using).

If you want left-click to go straight into inline rename mode, Power Mode allows you to do that. (Preferences / File Display Modes / Power Mode Buttons) But you'd lose the ability to select files with the left mouse button so that would be quite a strange thing to do, I think. You can also assign it to the middle mouse button, which would make more sense.

The middle mouse option is also possible in the normal modes (i.e. outisde of Power Mode) by assigning inline rename to the Middle Double-Click file type event and then turning on Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Single middle-click runs Middle double-click File Type event. That would give you a single (middle) click to start inline rename.

Pushing F2 to start renaming is another option. (The file display will need to have focus first, of course, since F2 may have meaning to the PDF viewer and will go to it instead if it has focus.)

To my knowledge this happens with all formats that are viewed using the ActiveX viewer. At least the problem is independent of the PDF viewer (Adobe, Foxit, Tracker...) if they are used in ActiveX mode (as IE plugin).

That would be great. If inline rename doesn't get closed in between of course.


That I use for "delete" in many programs...

Yes, but this doesn't solve both problems: loss of focus, and generally clumsy mouse rename.

Therefore, I shall uphold my "Mouse Press to start inline rename" feature request. Or, more generally, make Mouse Press an option that can be configured and assigned to trigger things.


If the viewer steals the focus then I don't see how this would help, since all that would happen is it would steal focus from the rename field instead of the file display.

If the "click-wait-click-wait" process really takes that long with the viewer closed then maybe you have your system double-click time set too long?

Also maybe it's worth considering purchasing Quick View Plus, since its viewers shouldn't have the issue of stealing focus in the first place.

I use this on the file/folders middle mousebutton dbl-click event to enter inline rename, it is quicker than the usual way, maybe it helps some.
It does not cure any focus stealing issues of course.


I mean by mouse of course, it's equally quick as pressing F2 with that.

Well, he already mentioned that he's using middle double click for delete, and though this is a bit off topic, I'm just curious - what is it you're accomplishing with the whole Select DESELECT MAKEVISIBLE EXACT {file|noterm} bit in your command?

Ok, sorry! I overlooked that sentence.

That's "just" to get the focus/cursor moved to double clicked file. Inline rename would be started anywhere if that line is left out.
This combination of commands and switches is something Leo came up with, as I failed to make it work. o)

The explanation is something like: "Select" because that's the only command to influence focus/selection. DESELECT because we don't acutally want to select something. MAKEVISIBLE to move the cursor I guess, EXACT to not accidentally select other files as well. And finally {file|noterm} to get rid of a trailing slash to make it work for folders.

You probably don't need that much complexity with the latest betas, after this change:

Added the SETFOCUS argument to the Select command. Similar to MAKEVISIBLE but it also causes the viewer pane to show the first selected file automatically. Also, the MAKEVISIBLE and SETFOCUS arguments now ensure the first matching file is made visible even if it was already selected.

Thanks for reminding me of these new options, played around with them and ended up with this:
Select DESELECT SETFOCUS EXACT {file|noterm}

No difference regarding the number of switches, but a bit more expressive when looking at it I think. o)

Boy if I only would NOT have to click 4-5 times on the file name in order to get into inline rename mode for every Word document...................................................................

If the issue is with the viewer you're using taking focus, you need to take it up with the people who make the viewer, or switch to a different viewer.

Preview handlers should not take focus; it is part of the specifications. There isn't a lot we can do when something does take the focus, other than try to take it back, which isn't always possible. This has already been explained.