Fed up with Not Responding Messaages

It appears that every update makes Dopus worse. Failure to start from Win 10 task bar, constant No Response problems and slower. All this since Win 10. maybe there should be more concentration on getting the app back to the speed and efficiency it once had instead of adding barely used additions. Stop fixing what ain't broken.

That isn't normal (or the forum would be full of similar complaints, and we'd be fed up oursleves when using Opus!).

Try doing a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore), then uninstall Opus, reboot, and reinstall it.

You'll then be using a default configuration. Does the problem still happen then? (Don't restore the backup yet, as the problem may be in your configuration.)

If it doesn't happen with the default config, we can look at the config backup or talk about possible causes to work out where the problem is.

If it does still happen with the default config, the issue is probably being caused by a shell extension. We can provide advice in tracking that down.