Few features

  1. While going up/down in the bc(breadcrumb) the previous folder from which we came is selected and this work's when alt left/right is used but while going down this doesn't work when backspace is used to go up and coming down.

  2. The refresh issue

  3. Increase font size in copy window and prefs and at other setting's pages as it's slightly small than normal size

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  1. Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Select previous folder when going Up

  2. What "refresh issue"?

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1.doesn't work when backspace is used to go up and coming down

2.After a refresh is done a file which is already selected loses it's selection and the first file in the lister is selected and i don't want to turn off -- Preferences / File Displays / Options / Automatically select first file in folder (except in Power Mode)

  1. It does work.

  2. Refresh isn't meant to preserve selections. It loads a completely fresh version of the folder. If you need to Refresh a lot for some reason, something else is probably wrong which should be diagnosed/fixed instead.