File and folders copy/move feature request

Feature request:
When copying or moving files, an optional log window showing which files are being copied/moved and their status. Associated with that, if a file (in a long list of files being copied) can't be copied/moved for any reason, then that file should be skipped so that all subsequent files can be copied/moved. Once all files have been copied/moved, any that couldn't be copied/moved should be flagged in the log window with a "failed" status so that the user can select/click the file in the log window and decide how to proceed (i.e. retry, ignore/skip).
This would make copying/moving of large numbers of files much easier.

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That's what the "Unattended operations" option is for.


Here's the relevant part of the online manual that discusses unattended operation. Darn handy feature!

Unattended operation (

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Thanks very much @DesertDwarf and @Jon