File and Tags/Type Access

Do not know much about opus directory and do not know if there is a software to do what I am suggesting. Any insight and info appreciated.

Let say I have a HD of movies or books. Now, the books or movies can be classified by peculiar interest. For example, action, comedy, drama, etc. What I would like to do is access the hard drive base on a peculiar interest. Thus, if action, all the files with tag of action will be provided or listed for me to access. It is possible for a file to be action and comedy. Thus, if I want files with action or comedy, that file should be available under action genre and also be available under comedy genre. Please note, I do want to have multiple copy of movies/book under various genre in my hard drive. Thank you in advance and I hope you understand what I asking or trying to do.

You can apply one or more tags to files using Lister > Metadata Panel (F9) and then search for files with those tags using Tools > Find Files (Ctrl+F) > Advanced.

For some file formats, applying tags requires that they are on NTFS drives (which usually means any drive connected to your computer or another Windows computer). Some file formats let you add tags on any type of device.

You can also do things another way, creating folders for each genre and then creating shortcuts or links to the videos in the genre folders as appropriate. Then you only have one copy of each file, but they can be listed in different places, and you have a faster and more convenient way to browse through them. Shortcuts are the easiest to manage, and find if you just want to double-click the files. Using links is a bit more technical (but not much more), and will make it look like the files are really in all the different folders at once so that they can be used with all software (since not all software understands shortcuts), without taking up any extra space (still only one physical copy of each file exists on disk).