File association Problems

Hi there, I have .WAV files that SOMETIMES starts in it's proper associated software, and SOMETIMES starts in the built-in Directory Opus Player, when double-clicking on the file.

Yet, ALL the .WAV files are associated to (in my case) VLC Player, point in case, the icons are all the VLC icons. Honestly I don't particularly mind that launches the Directory Opus Player, but I'd rather it launches the associated software of my choosing, especially when some .WAV file not only doesn't start in VLC, but on top of that, doesn't even start at all, even in the DO Player. (the Player pops up, and it's all greyed out and nothing plays...and when right-clicking the .WAV file and asking it to actually play in VLC, the file does play no problems).

So to recap, despite all .WAV files being associated with VLC, 2 problems can occurs:

  • either some .WAV files starts with DO Player (and play well...but, still should start with VLC)
  • either some opens the DO player, but nothing play

...and some are actually launching VLC and playing well. But those who started with DO Player (whether they played or not in it) still play well in VLC.

Can somebody help?

Thanx in advance,


using Directory Opus 12.20 x64 build 8360, 2022-11-21
on Windows 10

Not sure why it's inconsistent, but turning off Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal sound player for WAV files should fix it.