File association

I have my Photoshop CS6 files (.psd) associated with Photoshop. Double clicking a .psd file opens it in Photoshop when not using Opus.
When I double-cclick a .psd file in Opus the Opus viewer opens.
Settings --> File type --> System File Types
has the .psd extention linked to PhotoShop. The link is set as the default and no alternative programs are listed.
How do I configure Opus to let Photoshop handle the .psd when double-clicked?

Additionally, but far less important, it would be nice if Opus displays the .psd in it's internal viewer pane when selected/single-clicked.

Thanks in advance.

Opus is trapping the double-click because of the Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal picture viewer setting. You can turn this off, or override double-click for .PSD files only by editing the Left double-click event for the filetype.

Opus does (or should) show previews of .PSD files, but only if they have been saved with a preview image (the option for this in Photoshop Preferences is under File Handling).


Thanks Jon!