File Collection "Permanence" Option

My understanding is that DOpus 8's File Collections are meant to be transient, and only are saved upon exit.

That really means if you're adding Files to a Collection, and DOpus crashes, your changes are lost.

I can see why search results collections or duplicate finder collections can be thought of as transient. But, I'd like to see the option to set collections to be "permanent", meaning, if they are set that way they get saved as you add files to them.

I thought about this because I was working on a previously-saved collection, and DOpus crashed, taking with it all my added files. Unfortunately, it killed my saved collections as well...

Hi Rick,

Yes, that's right.
The File collections are saved as *.col text files in Dopus\Collections folder.
However if these files are modified, the modifications won't show up until Dopus is reloaded.
Similarly, modifications within Dopus won't show up in the *.col text file until Dopus is reloaded.


Yep. I tried sending text to the files etc, but dopus has a lock on them...