File collection: Rename all selected files


via "Find Files" I searched for all files with the same name in a folder and its subfolders. Now I want to rename some selected files with the same appendix. How can I achieve that?

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Try following:

rename *.* TO "* - YourAppendix.*"

Sorry, it should read:

rename PATTERN *.* TO "* - YourAppendix.*"

or, if you want to use changing appendixes

rename PATTERN *.* TO "* - {dlgstring}.*"

Assuming you want to do this as a one-off, there is no need to go to the trouble of creating a custom button as Abr is suggesting (although you can if you want, or if it's something you'll want to do a lot).

Instead, just select the files in the Find Results, click Rename, and do something like this:

The main thing to be aware of is that you need to use wildcards, even though (in this special case) all the filenames are the same and wildcards are not strictly needed. If a wildcard isn't used then only the first file gets renamed and you're then asked for the name for the next file, and so on. When a wildcard is used, it will be applied to all files (skipping any which it doesn't match).

Hello Leo,

again many thanks for answering that question. Yes, the missing wildcards, what a difference... From my point of view not obvious, so again thanks for clarifying!


Hello Abr,

thanks for your efforts, too. Can make use it for other tasks.