File Collections, File Sub-Collections and synchronising

This is a question about whether Dopus is the right solution for my requirement and also a query about File Collections and File Sub-Collections.

What I wish to do:

  1. I have a number of folders, each with sub-folders, and those sub-folders have sets of sub-folders.
  2. I would like to synchronise those folders, and some of the sub-folders, and some of the sub-folders of the sub-folders with another disk/dropbox etc.
  3. This needs to be done on a regular basis and be easy to set up (eg easily select a main folder (and with all the subfolders) but easily de-select the sub-folders I do not wish to synchronise).

I have looked at File Collections and File Sub-collections.

Copy a folder (with its sub-folders) using File Collections to a named file collection, I see it it not possible to remove any sub-folders from that file collection.

But copying using File Sub-Collections has the following message:

I can see using Sub-Collections that each folder and the files within the folder have the icon to show that they are a member of the collection. Do the words "(including all contents)" mean that the actual contents of the files are copied somewhere or does it mean just the titles are copied as part of the file collection.

If what I wish to do is not what file collections and sub-collections is not really designed for, please tell me. If so would a separate synchronisation program be more suitable. Any help gratefully received.